Guest Post: Crazy Dog T-Shirts Giveaway

Guest Post by my friend, Kristen.

Do you go into some stores and get sidetracked reading funny shirts, or enjoy reading the shirts of shoppers in the mall? I do! Well, most of the time. Some can be quite offensive but that's another story for another day.

Crazy Dog Tshirts is an online retailer that sells these fun shirts to fit any, and sometimes no, occasion. They have everything from retro 80's shirts featuring fun things from my childhood like The Smurfs to Ghostbusters, although them being considered vintage makes me feel older than my years :) It's fun to browse through their shirts just like I'd browse through them at the store,and I can skip over any that I wouldn't enjoy reading.

Brave t-shirt wearers can order the $6 Mystery t-shirt. It could be a discontinued shirt, an overstock shirt, or any other shirt from their stock. You never know what you're going to get. It's sort of like a grab bag for t-shirts. They even have other items like pajamas and costumes.

If you'd like to win a $15 gift card to Crazy Dog Tshirts, head on over to Making Cents Out of Life. Crazy Dog TShirts has generously given my friend Kristin a few gift cards to give to the lucky winners! Maybe you'll have the next t-shirt someone admires in the mall- or at least gets a good laugh from.

You can also find Kristen on Twitter to keep up with her latest giveaways and great advice about finances!


Michael and Kristin said...

Thank you, Rachael! I just realized I wrote this post like I wasn't the one writing it... I can be, dumb sometimes. I never realized I did that! I'll do better next time. I appreciate you posting that, and so does Crazy Dog.