TOMS: Shoes for a Better Tomorrow

When you put on your shoes today, did you think about children who do not have them?  When your child complained about the shoes they didn't want to wear because they just weren't cool, did you remind them that their other kids who would give anything for a cool pair of shoes like that?

Honestly, it didn't occur to me until I read about TOMS, a shoe company whose motto is One for One.  This means that for every shoe that you buy, TOMS donates one shoe to a child in need!

In 2006, Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS shoes with one thing in mind - the poverty stricken children that lived in Argentina.  He was struck so much with their living conditions that he wanted to give these children a better tomorrow by working today to make it that happen.  He committed to giving one pair of shoes away for every TOMS shoe that someone bough. 

In his first year, he sold 10,000 shoes and brought 10,000 shoes back to Argentina where he gave back to the children who had inspired him to create a better tomorrow.  In 2007, he gave 50,000 shoes to the children in South Africa and in 2008, he did a Shoe Drop here in the United States down in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.  This is a company that truly cares about others and their needs!  Blake Mycoskie has a wonderful reputation as the Chief Shoe Giver - who could ask for a better nickname?

These shoes are adorable - I especially love the Tiny Toms!  TOMS are made in womens, mens and children's sizes.  They are slip on shoes designed with comfort and ease in mind.  TOMS shoes start at $34 and when you think that you are actually buying two pairs of shoes - one for you and one for a child in need - you are actually getting a great deal!


ScrewLucy said...

For people who really go through life with their eyes wide open, this is a great choice. After watching a film about big corporations, including Nike, this week, this would certainly be MY choice!