HP All-In-One Printer Versus Kodak All-In-One Printer

Several months ago, I joined HP's Virtual Focus Group to test and record my thoughts on the HP All-In-One Printer and the Kodak All-In-One Printer.  You can see my "look what I got" post to see what HP sent me to start me on my journey to discover not only if Kodak saves you $110 a year in ink and which printer prints better.

Well, I have packed up one of the printers to send back and I am ready to share with you all the results of my test.  Over the next few days, I am going to share my thoughts on both printers through some video reviews.  On the last day, I will tell you which one is boxed up and ready to be recycled and which one I am keeping to continue printing with.

So here's Day One of my results - which printer prints the best Christmas cards or other special occasion cards?


Kat @ For the Love of Chaos said...

I am not surprised at ALL! I am TOTALLY a self-proclaimed HP girl :) That is a DRASTIC difference in photo quality. Thanks for the video comparison. It confirmed what I already knew: HP ROCKS!!