I'm Looking Forward To Summer!

I really don't know who wants warmer weather more - Gracie, the dog, or me.  When I woke up this morning, my feet were terribly cold and I just couldn't seem to get the house warm enough.  (I hate shoes and rarely wear socks.)  As I pulled out my comy socks and slippers to get my feet warmer, I glanced over at the temperature and it was -16 degrees!  Oh my goodness, no wonder the house wouldn't warm up!!  I wouldn't want to get warm either if I was fighting that. 

I should be used it by now.  I have lived in North Dakota since I was seven (4 years away when the military moved us and then we came back) and -40 degree weather is just normal around here.  However, I have never had a two-year old in the house with me during the middle of winter.  Oh, and did I mention our dog who thinks he is still a puppy. 

I am looking forward to bike rides except I think that I would like a folding electric bike so that I can keep up with Gracie when she starts getting to the age when she can really start pedaling.  The girl has never ending energy!  Last summer was fun but I think this summer is going to be even better. 

Until then, however, we are planning a trip to Wisconsin to go to a conference.  We are bringing the kids and I am contemplating taking Gracie to a show in Minneapolis.  I am not sure that she is old enough for me to actually buy her Broadway Theatre Tickets but she is pretty smart and think she would enjoy it.  We want to make it a mini-family vacation on our way back so that's why we are stopping in Minneapolis.  I will, of course, be letting you know what we find for toddlers to do and if we go to a show - I'll let you know how Gracie likes it.  :-)

Disclosure: The above picture is of my daughter taken by Lauren Elise Photography.  Please do not steal this picture from my site.  This post was sponsored.