Are You Eco-Friendly?

A hot topic nowadays is being "green" or "eco-friendly". Everyone seems to have an opinion of what they think everyone else should be doing in their lives.  You have people who are gung-ho - "I'll live like a hippy" environmentalists and then you have others who - "I'll drive my gas hog, throw my trash out the window, and not do a thing to help save this planet - can't stop global warming anyway."

Put both of these people on the same Facebook page and you have just declared war.  Duck because you don't know who might get hit with a stray bullet!  I watched this happen just last week and while I sat back and laughed, I ended up getting hit with one of those bullets.  I was drawn into a world of explosion proof air conditioners, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and many other things.  I didn't even know that air conditioners could explode!  I know facebook sure did as the environmentalists debated against the nonenvironmentalists.

Did you know that there is such a thing as eco-friendly welding?  It's true!  You can buy ultrasonic welding equipment so that when you do have the urge to weld pieces of metal together you can do it an eco-friendly manner. 

As I learned about these new and fascinating things, I began to wonder how eco-friendly I am.  Right now, I don't drive a gas hog but I do use disposable diapers.  While I plan to try cloth diapering, I'm not sure it will work for me.  We try to eat organic foods but every once in a while I do sneak a Little Debbie snack too.  I don't bring my own bags to the store because I use the grocery bags for picking up the dog's mess and in my small garbages around my house.  I do recycle but I also use things that can't be recycled and have to be trashed.

So are you eco-friendly?  If so, how are you eco-friendly?  I'd love some tips!

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