Friday's Favorites - Gabriel's Favorite Teethers!

As a mom I value other mom's opinions.  To be honest, I do not purchase much of anything without first finding out what other mom's think.  Those chubby babies used in advertisements are cute while they are real babies - it doesn't mean that their family actually uses the product or that baby loves it.  A review is nice but what do you think of that product 6 months to 1 year down the road?  As a mom who shares reviews with other moms, I felt compelled to share what our favorite reviews still.  How do we use them?  Do we use them daily?  Do I still recommend them?  Do my kids actually play with them?  I'm going to do this every Friday and no, the companies are not involved.  I will send them email after this link and pictures are up but they do not know ahead of time what I am doing nor do they have any input in these posts.  I will also link to my original review so you can take a look at my original opinion.


Gabriel loves his Lamaze Play Gym!  It is one of his favorite places during the day.  I would say that we use this great gym at least 2 hours everyday.  The toys are his favorite to pull off and chew on.  The mirror helps him not feel all alone too when mommy is busy.   These gym become the most useful around the time Gabriel turned 4 months old and the older he gets the more he loves it!

Along with the Lamaza Play Gym, he also loves his Haba caterpillar from ecoTimeToys.  Not only is it entertaining, it is easy to hold on to and of course, good to chew on.

Our favorite toys of all time though are the Sassy Grasp & Glow and the Vibrating Teether.  We take these everywhere we go - in the car seat, all over the house, in the diaper bag.  These are our constant companions.  We like them so much that as soon as we can get into town, we are buying him the Sassy Ladybug Teethers because they seem like they might be even easier for him to hold and chew on. 



There are lots of teething toys out there but we love Sassy's the best for the quality, durability, and price.  I have seen teething toys as much as $35!  No thanks, that's not for me.  Sassy toys will be included in all our baby gifts because Gabriel loves them and he recommends them to all other babies that want something to chew on!