Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbor Day

Trisha over at MomDot challenged many of us bloggers to have a "introduce yourself to your neighbor day".  On many blogs and maybe even this one, the blogger behind all that goes on gets lost in the posts, reviews, giveaways, and even memes on their blogs.  We put up our "about me" pages and don't even update them.  They are done - you know who I am and we go on with life.

I think this is a great idea as I received many emails lately with bloggers introducing themselves but they don't even know my name!  Their emails start off with "Hey," and they go on to introduce themselves.  I love received emails from fellow blogger, readers, PR, and others but if you don't know my name - we should at least get started there.  :-)

So, "Hi, my name is Rachael."  I decided to tell you ten things about me that you may or may not know about me:

1.  I have been married for 4 1/2 wonderful years to the most wonderful man in the all the world.  We have two wonderful children - ages two and 5 months.

2.  My husband is the Assistant Pastor of our local church and I am a stay at home mom.  I am learning how to support him in the ministry and to the wife and helpmeet he needs me to be.

3.  We are praying for the Lord's will in where we will live someday.  My husband and I truly believe that the Lord has called us to be missionaries.  We don't know where or when that will be but until then, our goal is to learn all we can and to be the support that our people in our church need us to be.

4.  While I would love to say I am supermom, I am not.  I am just your average mom struggling with stinky diapers, sleepless nights, not as much energy as my two year old, not being lonely, overwhelmed, and discouraged.  I think I am just like every other woman out there that needs to daily lean on my Lord and Master more than myself.  Without Him, I am nothing.

5.  I have a bird and a dog and that is enough.  No more animals for us.  My husband makes sure they are feed and taken care of and I take care of the other children.

6.  I am never quiet and always busy.  I can't sit still for the life of me - it's not my nature and I always take on more than I should. 

7.  I am funny at home but never in public.  All the great comebacks I could come back with, only come out at home in the privacy of the safety of my family.  They love me no matter what I say, how bad I dance, and even I am a little loopy.  Just don't drink the Koolaid at my house.  :-)

8.  I love to cook but hate baking.  I can make dinner turn out beautifully but ask me to make a pie and I'm headed to the freezer section of our local store to buy one, bake it myself, and say "I made it."  Dill weed is my favorite herb and you will find it in just about anything I make.  It's not dinner without lots of herbs and spices.  I love creating so dinner may never be the same again at my house.

9.  I have two Associates Degrees and one almost Bachelor degree.  I am 60 credits away but will probably never finish.  My goal was to have a two Bachelor's - one in English and one in Social Science.  These are my passion but being a mom is more my calling and if I ever did go back to school - I would be changing to something with Website Design or something like that.  I don't know the technical name for it.

10.  My #1 goal - to be the best me that I can possibly be.  Not to be the best that someone else but the best that the Lord wants me to be.  In His strength I can do it and I am excited to see what He has in store.

Well, that's it's your turn!  Tell me who you are - it is introduce yourself to your neighbor day so who are my readers?  Tell me about about it and link up.  Leave me a comment and let's introduce ourselves! 


Tammy said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for introducing yourself! I hang out a MomDot too, there I'm known as threedifferent. I too enjoy cooking, but am not so good in the baking department!

Michael and Kristin said...


I love this post sweetie and as far as I'm concerned you've got #10 covered. I can't imagine a sweeter, more thoughtful person and I consider myself very blessed to call you my friend. I'm going to carry on this "meme" on my blog this week if you don't mind because I think it's a wonderful idea.