Small Talk Six: Precious Childhood Memories

This week's Small Talk Six is all about the six most vivid memories that you have from childhood.  This one took a little bit because I have so many memories from growing up that it was hard to pick just six. 

I grew in a larger family - there were five of us kids and due to growing up military, we moved around a lot.  We were close as siblings because besides my parents, we were all each other had.  We were each other's best friends and worst enemies.  Life was never boring with the five of us and because of that - I have a ton of memories.  Who wouldn't growing up three redheads as siblings?  Everything they say about redheads is true and then some.  :-)

1.  First Memory - went boating (kayaking, canoing - I don't remember what it was, it just seemed small) with my dad when I was two, almost three in the Mediterranean Sea.  I had a life jacket on but the boat tipped and we were tossed into the sea.  I remember thinking I was going to drown and yelling it over and over again to my dad.  He kept saying you are fine - you won't drown - you have a life jacket on.  The life jacket didn't mean a whole lot to me at the time because I still felt this overwhelming feeling of drowning.  A "big boat" came and "rescued" us.  That was my 2-year old mind thinking here.  Later, I found out that it was a fishing boat and it wasn't large but it sure felt that way.  It was traumatic and that's all that matters.  :-)

2.  Days spent under the lilac bushes.  Between 7 - 13 years old, we lived in a small town in North Dakota that had a great group of lilac bushes.  Being an avid reader, I didn't really care to be outside during the summer time - I wanted to be inside reading.  When my mom would kick me outside to play, I would take my books and crawl under the lilac bushes and read there.

3.  Late nights with my sister.  This isn't one memory but a group of memories of times, my sister and I would talk all night long.  Just talk about everything and anything.  We weren't the best room mates - we are so different but are definitely best friends who could still talk for hours on end.  Good thing we both have Verizon!

4.  Our first Disneyland trip.  My dad was a boom operator in the military and so he was gone at least 256 days out of the year.  It was hard growing up not to have my dad around much but he tried so hard to make up for that during vacations and trying not to miss the important events.  He missed several Christmases and birthdays but we knew he never forgot us.  Our first trip to Disneyland trip was a great experience for all of us.  It was a great family time and since we all love animated rides - it was definitely a blast.

5.  My dad and mom's devotion.  I grew up in a Christian family and the one thing that I remember vividly is the mornings when I would walk downstairs and always see my parents reading their Bibles, praying, and preparing their days with the Lord before they prepared anything else.  This instilled in me the importance of putting the important things in your life first, everything else comes behind that.

6.  The day three of us girls got stung by wasps all because of my brother!  My brother had great ideas as we were growing up and one of them was to stick a crab apple in a wasp's nest in the ground.  After he did so, he felt bad and removed the crab apple.  Does anyone know what happens when you do that?  Run for the hills and don't stop to find out.  Three of us were covered with stings and my brother remained unscathed.

I have so many memories that I would love to share and maybe someday I will but until then, feel free to link up your Small Talk Six or your six precious childhood memories.