A Mother's Dream - Sleep!

Being sleep deprived is probably the number one thing that mothers everywhere struggle with the most.  We love our precious newborns but who seriously prepares for the lack of sleep you are going to get.  I loved my daughter when she was first born but I have to admit I struggled with her schedule.  The first 4 weeks of her life were torture.  I can still remember the whole week that she decided to be awake from midnight until five am everyday.  We had revival services at our church so there was something for me to be at every night so there was no rest for this weary mother.  At seven weeks, she was sleeping through the night and I couldn't have been more relieved but getting there was so hard.

Gabriel was easier to transition into sleeping through night and most nights he does.  However lately it has been if one child sleeps through the night, the other one gets up multiple times.  I am tired and it was quite funny because last week I was going to write about sleep training and other great products and information  out there for parents.  However, since I wasn't sleeping I didn't have the energy and I still had some things to learn. 

I really was able to put into practice the very things I am going to share with you this week and I can vouch for the products I plan to share.  They have been lifesavers and I truly wish I had known about them sooner. 

Just tonight, we got rid of Gracie's last sleep crutches and I have had the opportunity to really make sure Gabriel has the right tools to sleeping right. 

So join me this week as I share my struggles of sleep training and feel free to share yours.  Do you have a question? Leave the comment here or send me an email at rachael @ aplusfamily com and I will do my best to answer them this week.  Are you a veteran mom and have some advice to share? Email me with your advice and I would love to post it.