Treasure Tuesday - Little Imitator

"Mommy, where camera?"  "Camera, want camera, mommy."  A camera?  What do I know about a camera - Gracie certainly wasn't getting mine!  And then I remembered that she had found a camera that she had been taking into the bathtub with her.  She went upstairs and came back down with this blue plastic camera.  She then followed Dylan and I around the house saying - "cheese, say cheese". 

I did grab my camera to take pictures of my little photographer and then it struck me - she was imitating much of what I do when I take pictures.  While she doesn't quite have the technique down, she was bending as close to the ground as she could get to "take pictures". 

She was imitating everything that mommy does.  This can be a good thing and a bad thing.  I would love for her to emulate those things that I do well but what about those not so good things that I do?  My influence on her is tremendous but with that comes a huge responsibility to do right and be my best in front of her.

I treasure these times that she imitates and wants to be just like me because I know that it means at the end of the day even when we might go through some hard times of disciplining - she still loves me and thinks "I'm cool."  There might come a day when I'm not so cool but until then - I'm cool and I love that she wants to be just like mommy!

Do you have a treasure today? I love to hear them. I have some email them to me, some leave comments, and others post on their blogs. Any way you share them, I would love to know about them. Treasure today because tomorrow that treasure may no longer be there.

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Becca said...

It really is true that kids are the best imitators....they only think you are uncool for a few years and then they like you again! :)