Where Are Your Baby Products Made?

Yesterday, just for the fun of it and some weird sense of curiosity, I spent some time turning over Gracie's toys looking to see where they came from.  I have been avoiding toys made in China because of the lead reports and child labor that they are not afraid to use over there. 

I made a huge basket full of toys made in China - no, I won't be getting rid of them all but I will be sitting down in front of my computer to see if any have been recalled. I did notice however that manufacturing in Mexico must have become popular because I made another basket full of toys made by manufactures in Mexico

While you might think that I am strange, I really am curious where companies are making little one's toys and baby products.  I want quality and durability just not the cheapest toy on the market.  I want my children to learn from their toys, pass their toys onto to their children one day, and know that what they are playing with is safe. 

I did find that it was interesting to compare the two lots of toys for quality and found that mexico manufacturing definitely beat out the china based manufacturing.  It was an interesting experiment and if you are wondering, only a very small basket was fill with toys made in the USA. 

Disclosure: I obtained the above picture from FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  This post was sponsored.