Wordless Wednesday - First Date

We have been working really hard on Gracie's sleeping habits and last night we got rid of her "night-night" (her sippy cup) for good and she is now officially a big girl.  To celebrate this hard but great accomplishment, she went out on her first date with daddy because that is what big girls do.

Making sure Gabriel is taken care of before she leaves.

Many kisses for mommy

The date was a success!  It's official that daddy is cool and take his girl out anytime he wants or so she thinks.


Becca said...

Oh what a cute idea! :)

Xmas Dolly said...

Oh, I remember those. My first one with my dad was when my mom was in the hospital. Funnnnnn And it looks like your big girl had funnn too.

Mom On The Go said...

This is a great idea! I'll keep it in my parenting bag of trips. You've created a lovely record of a special occasion, too.