Back to the Land of the Living

Due to a week long conference, my blog has been silent this week.  The hours were hectic going from 9 - 4:30 and then again from 7:00 - 11:00 every night so there was little time to answer emails, make posts, or even Twitter.  It was a needed short break from me - refreshing my mind and my soul.  It helped me reavulate my motives, choices, and time.  It honestly was a good time away even though I missed you all and I missed writing. 

I have returned recharged even though it was not a vacation or relaxing physically.  It was mentally challenging but in such a way that it refreshed your thinking.

The schedule being what it was I did miss many "memes" this week but I am back full time starting Monday (we are still on the road) and will be back on normal schedule.  I really do look forward to sharing some great things with you this coming week. 

While I will not apologize for quietness this week, thank you for being patient with me and still stopping by to visit, register for giveaways, and comment.  Thank you for putting up with me even when I'm quiet.  :-)