Favorite Friday: TruKid Body Care Products

As a mom I value other mom's opinions. To be honest, I do not purchase much of anything without first finding out what other mom's think. Those chubby babies used in advertisements are cute while they are real babies - it doesn't mean that their family actually uses the product or that baby loves it. A review is nice but what do you think of that product 6 months to 1 year down the road? As a mom who shares reviews with other moms, I felt compelled to share what our favorite reviews still. How do we use them? Do we use them daily? Do I still recommend them? Do my kids actually play with them? I'm going to do this every Friday and no, the companies are not involved. I will send them email after this link and pictures are up but they do not know ahead of time what I am doing nor do they have any input in these posts. I will also link to my original review so you can take a look at my original opinion.

I can't speak too highly of TruKid's body care products.  As a mom, I love knowing that Gracie and Gabriel aren't getting toxins in their bodies because of the skincare products that I use.  I love that these smell yummy compared to many other All Natural skin care products.  I also love that Gabriel who has extremely sensitive skin can use these also. 

I continue to be amazed at how long a bottle lasts and am very thankful that I had the opportunity to be introduced to TruKid. These truly have become the best body care products for my children! 

To see my full review, you can see it here