Free Dockers During The Superbowl


This is going to sound very unpatriotic of me but I really don't care about the Superbowl.  My husband does so I will be watching.  We have church that night so by the time we have watched the TiVo  version, the game will be over.  

For those watching though, make sure you watch the commercials!  Once the Dockers "Men Without Pants" (that sounds terrible) ad, either go to the Dockers website or text DOCKERS to 76060.  The first 2,990 to enter, will receive a free pair of Dockers!  ($30 value)

Great reason to watch the Superbowl or at least the commercials!

Thanks, Bargain Brianna, for letting me know about this one.

(Oh, and I want to know if you win!  :-))