Soft Scrub Captain: Total Bathroom Cleaner!


I just recently found out that I had become a Soft Scrub Captain and I was thrilled!  I have always really loved Soft Scrub's products so when I found out that they had two products coming out - I was eager to test them.

softscrub_totalI received the Total Bath and Bowl Bathroom Cleaner to test and I am in love with the fact that I can now clean upside down!  Oh, I mean I can turn the bottle upside down to clean.  That has always been my least favorite thing - trying to spray the inside of the toilet or other hard places and not being able to turn the bottle upside down.

I made a vlog of my opinions of this new cleaner that hasn't hit the shelves yet. Pictures are great but with something like I this I felt I could show better than I could type it.

*Quick note - there is something wrong with my toilet! That is not dirt or mold - the inside of the toilet is permanently blue! We hope to get a new one soon - it came with the house and needs to go. :-)

Disclosure:  As a Soft Scrub Captian, Soft Scrub did provide me with information and a free sample of Total Bathroom Cleaner for my review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own and were not in any influenced by Soft Scrub.