Nokia 3G Booklet Review Day 2

Yesterday, I received the Nokia 3G Booklet to review and I am steadily putting it to use. To see why I am reviewing this netbook, see Nokia 3G Booklet Review Day 1.

As I told you yesterday, I plan to use it as much as possible over the next 2 weeks so I can determine whether a netbook is truly for me or not.  I am finding that the learning curve is a little higher than I orginally thought it would be and here are a few things that frustrate me:

1.  Keyboard is so small. Things aren't where they normally would be on my full-size laptop computer and my hands cramp as I type sometimes.  I am currently using it to write many of my posts.

2.  The operating system is so simple.  Not even the current Adobe software was on it.  Below is a screenshot of what the homepage looks like:


3. I can not find a photo program to run on it.  This is such an important part of blogging for me that a computer without the ability to edit photos is just not going to work.  I have to be able to put my watermark on every picture as I do not want them stolen.

4.  Tweetdeck slowed it down.  I installed and uninstalled tweetdeck already because I seriously slowed down the operating system when I did this.  

Some of the above things are all part of the learning curve of using a netbook.  I still have 12 more days of putting this computer to the test.  None of my opinons are yet set in concrete.

Here are a few things I really love:

1.  Sits on my kitchen counter and takes up hardly any space.  I can easily use it as my cookbook and it actually not be in the way.

2.  It's so light and small.  I love how I carry it in one hand and my baby in the other and not worry about whether I am going to drop it or not.

3.  I can check email easily.  Since it is so easy to carry around, my email can be checked at all times of the day.  I don't have Outlook on it right now but I am just using the web based email.

4.  The picture quality.  For being so little, I am still shocked at how clear the viewing is.  Watching videos from is so nice on this little netbook.  I just love the HD quality!

Disclosure:  I was sent a Nokia 3G Booklet to test for 2 weeks.  This is my honest, unbiased opinion of the product.  Nokia was not involved in the writing of this review at all. I am also not being compensated in anyway for my testing or reviewing of this product. It will be sent back in 2 weeks time.