Treasure Tuesday - Daddy's Hands


His hands are worn and calloused.  Idle - they have never been.  Always lifting and lowering a hammer, a saw, a paintbrush, a drill - never still.  Looking upon those hands, lines denote the memories those hands have seen.  From feeding his first born her first food to defending his country, his hands have always led the way.  Faithful and true those hands have been.  There is a honesty, sadness, joy, and triumph written in the lines of those hands.  Each one has a purpose - a reason to keep going.  

As others look upon those hands, they know that they will be giving, trustworthy, and kind.  As his children watch those hands, they see the fun times and the hard.  The father who never gave up even when his children didn't think he was so "cool" anymore. 


The father who lovingly walked his daughter down the aisle to give her away to some other man.  The father who waited with his son as his bride prepared for her wedding day.  The father who still to this day cares enough to worry if the tires are his children's vehicles need replaced.  The father who loves for his children to still sit around his table whenever they can.   The father who mourns when even one child is missing from a precious family event.

Those hands now speak of the grandfather he has become.  A loving "pa pa" whose hands cradle his newest granddaughter and whose hands stroke his only grandson's head.  The hands who tease and play with his oldest granddaughter.  


Those hands have lines that have precious memories and those hands are my father's. 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  May you never forget how much I love you and I pray your hands continue to see many more years.  I love you and today I treasure you and the special place you have in my heart.  

What is your treasure today?  I would love to hear them and if you would like to join this meme, feel free to link in the linky below.