A Step Back In Time

As I walked through Target last Tuesday, I looked and then I looked again.  There sitting on a shelf was the oldest looking Cheerios box I had ever seen!  But wait, I live in 2010 and I know that they wouldn't put an old box on the shelf.  Considering that the whole shelf was lined with them, I knew it was no mistake.

I went home (having almost bought that box at full price just because it looked so cool) and checked in to my computer and found out that it was a big promotion that General Mills was putting on.  As I thought on this, I began to realize how far we have come.  As a kid, my dad always had the newest computer software and games.  I grew up with an Atari (I believe my parents still have this machine or else it is sitting in my brother's house) and dial-up internet.

One day, I'm going to tell my kids who will most likely be living with t1 broadband or higher about dial-up internet, Atari's, VHS tapes, and even DVDs and they are going to look at me like I am really old!  Of course, they might think that an Atari is pretty cool - just like what I  think of my dad's laser discs.  My kids will probably work in an office that thinks that business ethernet is archaic and I will be like my grandma struggling to keep up technology. 

Every day seems to move faster and faster!  Laptops are getting smaller, desktops are becoming the thing of the past, and it seems like what we bought just yesterday is already outdated.

So I think I might head back to Target, buy that box of Cheerios, and relish the days gone past when life was slower and people didn't worry about the fastest Internet or computer.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored.  All opinions and statements were my own.  General Mills or Cheerios had nothing to do with this post.