Treasure Tuesday - Finally An Aunt

In December, I had the privilege of becoming an aunt.  I was the last one in my family to have this experience and it was indeed different than having my own children. 

Kara is such a sweet bundle of newborn smiles, cuddles, and sweet smelling baby.  I received my first smiles on Sunday afternoon and it touched my heart just like my own children's first smiles. 

I am so thankful though that I am not the one getting up with her in the middle of the night, that I can spoil her rotten and send her back, that as she gets older I can feed her candy and not suffer the consequences of sticky fingers and sticky clothes, that I can give her loud toys and not have to hear them, that if she has a diaper - I don't have to change it, and if she starts crying I can hand her back.  What joys of being an aunt. 

I can enjoy her which I shall but not have to worry about everything else that goes with that responsibility.  So nice to be an aunt. 

I say most of this jokingly because I also know that I have a responsibility to be a good example to this sweet little girl.  I have the responsibility along with her other aunts and grandmas to show her that her mommy isn't the only that wants to please Christ with their life.  I have the responsibility to watch my words around her.  I also have the responsibility to tell her how precious she is to me.  I also have the responsibility to let her know that she has a wonderful daddy, my brother, and that I think he knows best for her. 

I treasure this sweet little baby girl whose little hand wraps around your finger and holds on like you are going to go somewhere.  I treasure her little smiles now and look forward to the time that she starts talking (remember I don't have to listen to all day long) and telling me what is really on her mind.  I just know I will be her favorite aunt of all time.  :-)


Aubrie Williams said...

thanks. (i love the pictures). Kara has fun spending sunday afternoons with her "favorite" aunt. we're expecting lots of loud toys and sticky fingerprints as payback. :P

Ashley t said...

I too am an aunt for the first time!!!! I am pretty sad that I don't get to have my kara time on Sundays now :( I hope my bleeds heal soon so I can start to hold and enjoy her more !!! I love the pictures you caught some super cute expressions on her face !!!