Beaded Hope Review

Beaded Hope by Cathy Liggett is the incredible story of the journey that four women took into South Africa.  They assumed that they were going to help the women of South Africa.  Little did they realize that the trip would shed light on their self centeredness and selfishness.  Cathy Liggett weaves a beautiful story of what real faith is, what it can do, and the strength to go on even in the midst of the worst trials.

Beaded Hope was an incredibly good book that really touched my heart.  It showed to me how I wasn't much different than the four women that went to Africa.  It showed me areas where I too have been selfish and self-centered.  While this is a fiction book, it is based on much truth and in fact, was inspired by a nonprofit organization called Beaded Hope

My trials and injustices seemed so little in light of the huge trials that South Africa women face.  This book is eye opening and impactful.  The plot was continually twisting and intriguing.  I would definitely highly recommend Beaded Hope

*If you want to learn more about Beaded Hope, the nonprofit organization, you can find it here

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