Global Warming by Seymour Simon

My daughter would rather read a book with real life pictures than cartoons. When we had the opportunity to review Global Warming by Seymour Simon, Gracie was enthralled with the amazing pictures that make up these beautiful hard bound children's book.

I loved this beautiful book for the fact that it teaches Gracie in an easy to understand way just exactly what Global Warming is.  The books shares the scientific reasons for global warming and this book would be the perfect addition to 1st through 4th grader's personal library.  I loved how simple the language was but at the same time, very educational.

I was afraid that the book would talk about how old the Earth was and come from an evolutionist stand point.  I was overjoyed to find out that this book shared the years of the Earth with Gracie in the same time frame that we believe.  This book not only shares the scientific reasons for global warming but the real life affects global warming is having on animals, plants, and even us.

I highly recommend Global Warming by Seymour Simon as a great addition to any child's personal library.  If your child is into science and how our earth and other things work, be sure to check out Seymour Science's blog for some great fun science facts, answers to science questions, and even science projects and apps that you can download.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of this product. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from the Harper Collins was involved in the writing of this post. I was not paid to write this review. 


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I just went to his blog. I thought his post on the rock on the beach was really interesting. I'm glad you educating little Gracie & Gabriel on Global Warming. Everything little thing counts.

-Hannah (Your sis)-