Guest Post: Organizing Your House The Fly Lady Way

Guest Post Written By Alisha from At A Glance

As a person with a mild to moderate case of OCD (I'm obsessive about things being organized and I'm a compulsive cleaner) I love the following quote, "Organization is the key to victory". To me this quote is great justification for my color coordinated closet, dresser drawers, and shoe rack. For the most part I felt I had my cleaning and organizing down pretty well. I'll admit every once in a while after a busy week or a crazy weekend things would get a little bit messy, but it never took me to long to put it all back together. Then I came across this amazing website -

Fly Lady uses some fun acronyms. One of my favorites is, "Are you living in CHAOS?" (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) Truthfully this is not me, but by applying the tips and advice from the Fly Lady things have gotten even better!

Fly lady's way to organization and victory is to use baby steps. All of this is explained under the Beginner Baby Steps Tab. The advice given is to check the website everyday (or your email if you sign up) for the first 31 days to get your baby steps. For me it has worked better to check them all at onetime just so I have an idea of what is coming up. For those that don't always check their email, or spend time on the internet, take the time to copy a calendar and write the tip for the day on the day you start and following.

There is a lot to this site take the time to explore it. I can guarantee you will be glad you did. Fly Lady can help everyone from the very busy working mom to the stay at home mom so long as her advice it put into action. Rome was not built in a day, and most people will not be able to get there homes sparkling in a day either, but lets all ignore the negative voices, take the first step and sign up with the Fly Lady, and begin FLYing (finally loving yourself)!

Alisha Zejdlik is a single girl whose great love is her family, her church, and her God.  She writes for At a Glance which is a personal website devoted to her thoughts about life, family, and even her love for pictures. 


Alisha said...

Thanks for allowing me to do this I really enjoyed it!

Libby's Library said...

I've been flying for years!
Love, love, love the Flay Lady Way:-)

Rachael @ Empowering Mommy said...

Thanks, Alisha, for writing this for me. I have to admit that I have always wanted to know more the Fly Lady because her site has ALWAYS overwhelmed me. Now I know where to start and this is one momma that needs some Fly Lady tips. :-)

Thanks for sharing! You are always welcome to share again. :-)

Jennifer T said...

I have been fluttering with Fly Lady for a couple of months now, and my home has really seen a difference. My husband loves not tripping over stuff on the floor, and he even shined my sink last night!