Small Talk Six - Things I Can't Live Without!

Time for a Small Talk Six started over at MomDot  and this week it is on the 6 items that are on your grocery/shopping list every single week.  This one was pretty easy and kind of fun.  (Don't judge me now though when you read my list - it might not be as healthy as yours.  :-))

1.  Bananas
- these are normally gone in about 2 days in my house with both my husband and daughter consuming them quickly.

2.  Dr. Pepper - my husband's death drink - I'm sure if it is nothing else it will be the Dr. Pepper that kills him (no, I didn't drug or put rat poison in it!  Doesn't need my help.)

3.  Sour cream - this goes into quite a few recipes or else the two monkeys in my house mix it with ranch dressing and eat it with the veggies in the house.

4. Yogurt - this is my breakfast of Champions 

5.  Chocolate - something, just anything, always changes from week to week
6.  Something free - there have been lots of free coupons out there lately and it seems that every week I'm getting to put one of those items on my list.  (Today was Double Stuffed Cakesters - did I mention that this was free and chocolate!)

What are some things that your family can not live without or that goes on your list every week? 


Susan York Meyers said...

Dr. Pepper and chocolate are staples on my list too.

God bless,
author of The Princess and the Pee

I am Harriet said...

He gets with Dr. Pepper and you get your chocolate. Works for me.

Enjoy your weekend!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

Love my Dr Pepper also!

Brittany said...

I've never mixed sour cream and ranch gonna have to try that!

kblogger said...

1) Fresh Fruit - namely berries. Kids can't get by without berries!
2) English Muffins
3) Cream Cheese
4) Yogurt
5) Starbucks Double Shot
6) Okay, okay... chocolate.

If we had nothing else in the house, I think we'd all be okay with the above. :)

Mandi @ Mandi Minding Money said...

Love it! I totally left chocolate off my list! Oops!

shopannies said...

you are so right there have been lots of great free coupons out there