Life May Be Going Back To Normal

Empowering Mommy has taken a back seat to a lot of different life circumstances lately and I wanted you all to know that I apologize for not having many deals up. About three weeks ago, my daughter came down with a double ear infection and then my son and I got very sick.

His flu turned into a double ear infection and we believe mine had turned into the early stages of pneumonia. During that time, my energy was very low and sometimes even updating the blog took too much energy.

Just as we were getting better but not quite, we hit the road to see my husband's dying Grandma.  While we were here, she took a turn for the worse and four days later, passed away.  My husband preached her funeral last night and we are now on our way home.  

I should be back full time blogging starting next week but only the Lord knows what is next in our lives.  Deals have not gone away but I felt my family was more important and I knew all of you would understand. 

Thank you for your patience and all the emails that I received during this time.  You all were a great encouragement and blessing to my family when we received the touching emails. 

Have a wonderful Friday! 


Anonymous said...

Some things are far more important, Rach. Thanks for being a good example of the right kind of prioritizing! Love you!


Angie Marion said...

Keep your head up lady! Everything will work out the way it is supposed to. We'll be here when you get back.

Sending prayers and hugs to you!