My Super Savings - I Love CVS!

So, I'm going to say something that may shock you all - 1) I hate shopping and 2) I do not go every week. I know many of you hard core couponers go several times a week but not me.  I do hard core couponing and I think I do it well but with our grocery stores 30 minutes away (one way), 2 kids two and under, and other things - I go shopping once a month.   I menu plan for 2 weeks worth of dinners.  I then make every dinner double so that I have meals for 4 weeks.  I only have to make 14 meals but have 28. 

Yesterday was my hardcore shopping trip and for a month's worth of groceries I think I did pretty well.  I spent $150 on groceries, toiletries, and odds and ends for the house.   This includes having desserts for 4 Sunday night after church get to gethers.  I will use our local store for fresh produce that we will need through out the month.

My favorite deals were $2.87 a carton on strawberries at Sam's Club (their cartons are huge) and my CVS deals.  I paid $9.99 for everything in the picture above after coupons and CVS ECBs.  Just the diapers alone were a good deal at $9.99 so I was quite pleased with my 86 diapers, two packages of baby wipes, 3 Pantene Pro-V shampoo/conditioner bottles, and hand sanitizer for that price. 

Did you get good deals this week?  Feel free to link up in linky below if you are still here after my long oration.