Treasure Tuesday - Early Mornings

As I thought about my treasures this week, I couldn't help but treasure my early mornings with my son. 4:00 AM is our wake up time and I love it because it is my time to just spend with him. I don't turn on the computer because I am so tired - I just hold him and treasure I have in him. Granted I may not choose 4 in the morning to wake up, but it is quiet and peaceful. Very soon there will not be 4 in the morning feedings and our days will be more routine but I will miss those days when its just him and me with his little arms just a moving and his eyes only for mommy.

What do you treasure this week? Feel free to share, I would love to hear about them. We can never take our treasures too lightly. To learn more about these Treasure Tuesday posts, feel free to read about them here.