The Art (or lack thereof) of Baby Bunching

As a baby buncher (I have been waiting to use this word), life hasn't been busier than it is. Baby bunching is having children less than 2 years apart. I have to admit that having 2 under the age of 2 is challenging but most of the time I have to laugh. My mom had 5 of us in 5 1/2 year so she is much better at this than me. I am sure sometimes she just laughs as she watches me.

Just mother-in-law was on the phone with my husband and he was holding our 2 month old as my 22 month old was playing in the living room. My toddler decided to talk to "nana" on the phone and is just a jabbering away. And then she starts running, dancing in circles, acting like a crazy kid all the while our 2 month old is screaming his head off. I'm at the computer working because it is the 1st of the month and Beautiful For Thee (a ladies' monthly inspirational online newsletter) must go up. My mother-in-law tells my husband as she listening to all of this - "Are you guys crazy? Are you done having kids now?"

To my mother-in-law, life at our house sounds insane when she listens on the phone but it is nothing like when bath time and bedtime start. Dylan and I move fast during that time but because the tune of two screaming babies is the last thing in the world we want to hear.

And then.....peace!!! Until you have been a parent, you have no idea how nice silence is!