I Think I Just Might Live in the Hundred Acre Woods

As I listened to one more round of Winnie the Pooh while I was cooking dinner, I realized that I live in the Hundred Acre Woods.  Not that my family is crazy nor does each family member have the nickname of a character from the Many Adventures of Pooh

Instead as I listened to the characters talk, I realized that A. A. Milne had had quite the sense of humor when he created these loveable characters for his son.  Each character reminds me of certain types of people.  Let's start with Winnie the Pooh:

1.  Winnie the Pooh - he is the person that is generally happy, go lucky.  He tends to overeat because they love food.  They don't really complain about a lot but we love being around them because they are always happy.  Pooh will always volunteer for things but it will take him a long time to get them done because he tends to be a little disorganized.  He's a good friend though as he is a very loyal person.

2.  Piglet - he is an insecure creature that would just love someone to just care for him.  He is never sure that his actions are right and will quickly change them to meet whatever you desire.  He cares immensely for people and will do anything to make them happy.  (I think I'm a Piglet.)  If you need something done, Piglet will probably do it because he cares.

3.  Tigger - a wiry, ADHD kind of fellow.  He is definitely always happy but annoyingly so.  He tends to think only of himself and does whatever pleases him.  He also has the tendency to drag others into trouble.  If you need something done, don't count on him.  He is not a dependable sort but he will definitely make you laugh if you are in a bad mood.

4.  Rabbit - a know-it-all who is always bossing everyone around, Rabbit is definitely not everyone's friend.  Others put up with him because he tends to get things done.  He definitely has to have everything in it's place.  He is the one you turn to when you need a project done right but when you need a listening ear, you'd go to Piglet.

5.  Beaver - What an anti-social animal he is!  He tends to the person that is the loner in life.  He gets things done and he will do things for you if it will benefit him. He is organized and you will probably find his house spotless if he invited you over.

6.  Owl - Owl is the friend to have if you really are not a talker!  He will invite you over and feed you lots of yummy food and probably insist you eat too much of it!  You will have to listen to him talk the whole time however and if you like to talk too - good luck on getting a word in! 

7.  Eeyore - he is my favorite animal in the Hundred Acre Woods.  I think he is so loveable because you just want to give him a hug and tell him it's going to be okay.  He is such a depressed, gloomy fellow that you can't resist him.  You want to make his world better - he probably will not let you because he likes to be gloomy and depressed but he sure is cute!

8.  Kanga and Roo - what a sweet mother, Kanga is.  She is loved by everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood because she is just so perfect.  Her house is in order, she is loving and kind, and takes such good care of Roo.  Roo is a rascally little toddler who is into everything and gets pleasure out of keeping everyone on edge at all times. 

All together, the Hundred Acre Woods is a fun place to visit and your life will never be boring while you are in it.  The characters are too much like real people to not associate someone with each one of the characters or different attributes of those characters.  Each character has his good features and his not so good features.  We need to all be like A. A. Milne and laugh at ourselves a little.  Look at our faults - laugh at them and then work on changing them a little at time.

So, I want to know - which Winnie the Pooh character are you? 


Creative Junkie said...

OK - that's a loaded question! To be honest, I think I'm a mixture of a lot of them. I love to eat (Pooh), I'm bossy and a control freak (Rabbit), I'm a paranoid freak of nature who always thinks the world is going to end (Eeyore), I lack confidence (Piglet), I'm a bit hyper and have the attention span of a spastic chipmunk at times (Tigger) and hopefully, I'm a good mom (Kanga)

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a mix of Rabbit and Tigger, especially at work: bossy, controlling & hyper! :-)

- your beloved little sis ;-)

plb8156 said...

There are days I am Eeyore - "thanks for noticing me" But than I have days when I feel like Tigger..."the wonderful things about tiggers are tiggers are wonderful things" Wish I could be like Tigger more often :)

Staci said...

So true...I also think that most people could be any one of these on any given day. I know it seems like I could be a mix of any of these depending on the day.

I do wish I had more Tigger-like energy though!

candace said...

too cute! Tigger...oh yah...tigger!

kasandria said...

I'm df. Owl I can't shut up!

Beeb said...

I've always loved Piglet, so perhaps there's a touch of him in me!

pau_ole_aloha said...

HAHA! I loved this post: Gracie is sooo adorable! I think I would be Tigger. :D

pau_ole_aloha said...

Oh Wait, and maybe a little Eeyore in there too...

Momstart said...

I have to agree with creative junkie here. I love to eat, I'm bossy and grumpy, I hope my kids think I'm a sweat mother