Small Talk Six: Hair Scrunchies, Tie Dye Shirts, and Furry Socks

This week's Small Talk Six is all about the sixpieces of clothing or accessories you’ve owned, loved, and wished would come back in style.  This one was hard for me this week because I really do not miss much of the styles that I grew up.  Huge bangs and hair are definitely not something I would like that back.  I have noticed though that most of what I grew up with is coming back - which can be a wee bit scary!

So what I miss:

1.  The furry, striped socks that kept your feet so warm!  They were such crazy, funky colors.  I actually do have a few leftover and love them.  Just don't tell anyone!

2.  Hair scrunchies - my daughter actually received a few for Christmas from my grandma.  I am sure that they are leftover from the 80s.  I have been using the one pictured on the right to hold my hair back while I am doing it.  BIG MISTAKE!!  A friend who is on bedrest sent her husband over to pick up the dinner I had made for them and I forgot all about the fact that I was in the middle of doing my hair.  (I had gotten distracted and was doing something else.)  I wondered why he kept giving me these strange looks until I went into the bathroom to fix my hair!

3.  Big comfy sweatshirts.  Oftentimes now, sweathshirts are so snug that you feel that you might smother in it.  I'm not wearing it to show off my curves (or lack thereof), I'm wearing it to keep warm and hide those hideous curves!

4.  Thick heeled shoes (I can't remember their names) - as a short person I love heels and loved that these didn't make me feel like I was going to land on my head at any given moment.

5.  A-line skirts - I love this because you look slim on top and it tapers off to make you look tall.  (Maybe I'm just obsessed with being short.)

6.  Tie Dye Shirts - well, I don't actually miss them but I must admit some of them looked like someone had quite the imagination or possibly had a promising career in graffiti!

Those are my six things!  Do you have some that you would love to share?  Link up or just leave a comment.  I love hearing from you all!  Thanks, Trisha and Karen for sharing this great idea! 


Aubrie Williams said...

I loved the "sweater tied around the waist" look. I mean, if ever there was a practical style, that was it. I definitely miss the scrunchies too. However, the big plastic glasses that covered half of my face as a child can die the eternal fashion death.

A Keeper At Home said...

Aubrie, I so agree! I have WAY too many pictures with those ugly glasses - I want to hide every time the family albums come out. :-)