Treasure Tuesday - My Big Helper

I am sure anyone with two little ones in less than two years can relate - life is busy!  When they are so close in age, the older isn't as much of a helper as she could be if she was older.  However, they are becoming the best friends and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

As Gracie gets older though she is becoming a big helper.  The other day, I put the kids in the bathroom and started the water for their bath, ran upstairs to get their clothes, heard " stinky, baby" and entered the to see this scene:

After successfully removing his diaper and trying to put the new one, she says to me "I be back - wait." I heard her little feet pounding through my house and she walks in with an entire pack of diapers and says - "Diaper broken, I fix it!"

I treasure these days of my little helper and prayer that she continues to want to help.  I do hope that one day she learns to successfully change a diaper and realizes that they are not broken just because she can't find the tabs.  :-)

Do you have a special treasure this week?  I'd love to read about it. 


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lfhpueblo said...

Hey, it's wonderful after she said ".....stinky baby" that she still wanted to help.
Too cute that she thought the diaper was broken because she couldn't find the tabs.